Synchronous Digital Signal Converter

Model : SB/DB



  • Synchronization signal converter: built-in features include zero · scale adjustment, 0%, maximum, and EL functions.

  • Can be used for setting and changing the front via the converter to provide linearization (vertical programmable computing) function can be set within a specified time. Output value can also be connected PC to change the set point.

  • Provides 3 kinds of output modes depend on the BCD code signal splitter and DB assigned amount, the signal converter: 2 outputs, three or four output output for purchase. Auxiliary power, you can choose the AC power supply and DC power supply


  • Synchronous digital signal converter is a device to convert a sync signal device to BCD signal code. Such as a signal to open the gate, and the output level of the dam.  The output signal can be selected which one optocoupler outputs and relay output connection points as output.

  • BCD signal distributor is assigned to a BCD output signal devices 2-4 insulation for, such as flow and water level.

  • BCD signal indicator can display digital signal

  • Arrester is a device to protect BCD electronic products from being malfunctioned caused by ground lightning surge during signal transmission.

  • Synchronization - analog converter is a device for converting analog signals and output synchronization signals such 4~20mA transmission.









BCD Digital Signal Indicator

Model : TDD Series


  •  DIN Standard Size:48H×96W×141.5D
  •  Zero position (4 1/2 digit, 5 digit, text height 20mm)  (3 1/2 digit, 4 digit, text height 14.2 mm)
  • Can t positive and negative input
  • Terminal connection : TDD-69T or 79T



Model : BBS-65


  • 5 -digit BCD signal to 26 bytes




Analogue Converter

Model : RYMP


  • Synchronous signal transmit to analogue signal
  • Zero and angle can be set up and adjusted in front of converter.
  • Built-in 0% display function
  • Independent output and input function





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